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Ceramic Particle Technology

UV Ray Protection

Increased Clarity

Heat Rejection

Crystal Clear Signal


Our Carbon Tint product is long-lasting with flawless appearance and the highest clarity through utilizing a nano-ceramic construction. CARBON TINT blocks up to 88% infrared heat rejection, creating a luxurious interior environment and strong protection for a uniquely low cost.

Up to 66% solar energy rejection

Over 99% Ultraviolet Ray Blocked

Up to 88% Infrared Blocked


Our CERAMIC utilizes multi-layer nanoparticle technology to create up to 98% infrared heat rejection, while maintaining a flawless appearance. CERAMIC creates an enhanced comfortable and luxurious environment that includes the strongest protection available.

Up to 66% Solar Energy Rejection

Over 99% Ultraviolet Rays Blocked

Up 98% Infrared Blocked