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Our Ceramic Coating creates hydrophobic protection from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, and many acids by sealing bonds at the molecular level. With the unique repelling hydrophobic properties, dirt, liquids, scratches, and fading will never be a problem for your car. In addition to the protection, our coating has a special gloss that comes after just a single application.

Why Choose Ceramic Coatings?

Strong protection against the elements. Our ceramic coatings are formulated to protect against damaging UV rays, oxidation, dust, and surface contaminants to keep your car safe and clean. Resisting stains and chemical etching. With our special hydrophobic formula, discoloration from oils and pollutants will never be a problem. Water, oils, and corrosives will be repelled. Surface clarity of your dreams ceramic coatings increases color depth, leaving your paint with a smooth finish and restored brilliance. 4 Year WarrantyYour application of our ceramic coating is guaranteed for 4 years from installation. Contact us to register for a warranty.

Why does your car need Ceramic Coating?

Even the most beautiful finish is prone to harsh contaminants from the environment and damage over time. This unfortunately removes the gloss and shine that your car had when you first saw it in the showroom. Instead of having very costly fixes to your car, we provide a service that will deep-clean any damaged areas and add a durable, semi-permanent coating and gloss to prevent contamination and keep your car safe and glossy for upwards of 5 years.These coatings will make subsequent cleaning of the vehicle significantly easier since contaminants such as dirt will not be able to stick to the surface of your car. Most importantly, your car will be kept clean and glossy and require less costly maintenance.